wanting something more.

is it just me or is this fox fit?

is it just me or is this fox fit?

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yearly self-evaluation

So…as 2010 draws to a close, I can’t help but analyse every little detail of the year that particularly stands out. This is something i attempt every year before the new year hits and I feel the overwhelming need to re-evaluate ones life. However, this year I have definitely excelled myself in making a phenomenal mess despite being surrounded by the most amazing people and this may finally be the year I turn it around. As always I started with the best intentions but due to my short attention span and habit of over indulging in the not so occasionaltipple, through exhausting art of procrastination, and focusing on the trivial and irrational drama I’ve created in my own head, I have managed to piss another year up the wall. Although it’s not all doom and gloom though, i have a good feeling about 2011. I think there’s still hope for me. Therefore, I am going to actually make resolutions this year and stick to them. Of course, I don’t believe in miracles, but I think I might JUST be able to fix me, so that i can stop being such a mess on so many levels. In addition to this, I want to rediscover what I love and get back to it. I want to create something to be proud of and learn to dream BIG. Of course…there is over a week of 2010 left to carry on in this self-destructive manor, so beware Newcastle. Who knows what I’ll be doing for the grand finale…

so i finally made it to being 19, lord only knows how…another year gone, but certainly not forgotten…i may have pissed away yet another year drifting from bar to bar, wasting all my money, sleeping away full days at a time and generally getting far too ‘carried away,’ but i have been lucky enough to do so surronded by some of the most amazing people i have ever encountered. today is a day for reflecting on the last 19 years of brilliance and fuck ups, and realise just how lucky i am.

so now a new chapter begins in a new city and maybe it’s time to start to shine…baby steps and big ambitions starting tomorrow, as tonight belongs to loud music and doing everything in excess. peace.

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